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Resorts, spas and Eco centers are place of tranquility and relaxation. To reflect that ethos in its design, you can’t choose concrete and steel. The diversity of design available with them can never match the ones offered by resort tensile structure, the new kid on the block. Though tensile structures have long been used in the design of resorts and spas, it’s now that we are witnessing the spurt in its scope and extent. 


The prime consideration in design of resort tensile structure is visual appeal. Another equally important factor is translucency/light transmission. Sometimes, even the permanent stay has to be designed primarily of tensile structures. While factors mentioned before remain as important as ever, add to that list three more considerations – strength, weather resistance and durability. While material like wood is excellent for aesthetics, it falls short on other factors. Metals like aluminum can also be used but they are not that ornate. Generally a combination of fabrics and wood is used i.e. while some structures are made from fabrics others are constructed from wood.