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Indoor tensile structure is mysteriously very simple in its design yet innovative. Some are smooth, curved shape while others are shaped like a conical hat. In architectural parlance, the shapes are described as ‘saddle shaped’, ‘surface of revolutions’ etc. Whatever be the technical name, they are visually appealing and very useful as well. While traditionally used as ceiling tents, the recent application of indoor tensile structure has seen them move to other areas like ‘tent bedroom chamber’ – that doubles up as bedroom and a tent as and when needed. 


Though the design methodology of any indoor tensile structure is similar to other large tensile structures, the difference arises in the type of material being used. Since weather resistance is not much of focus inside, the stress is on other properties like durability, elasticity and aesthetics. Another very important characteristic to look forward into any indoor tensile structure fabric is flame – retardant. While traditional indoor tents consisted of fabrics sewn together to give them shape, the modern ones are reliant on force of tension to generate shapes and stability.