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It has always been our heart’s desire to have our entrance resemble ‘Buland Darwaza’ or an ‘Agra fort’. Unfortunately they are historic and expensive to build as well. Sadly we can’t have them but what we can have is something much less costlier. What about entrance tensile structure? As the name suggests, these are generally built to serve as entry points to other structures. Building a concrete entrance comes with notable limitations – money and design to name a few. With each degree of complexity, the cost rises too. 


Welcome to entrance tensile structure. With computer aided design methodologies at our disposal, we can create variety of designs and shapes. The fabrics can be designed similarly as well. With polymer and fiber based membranes, entrance tensile structures are benchmarks of longevity, flexibility, weather resistance, translucency and most importantly, aesthetics. The last quality is particularly important because nothing’s of worth if it doesn’t looks well. After all our inspiration for choosing entrance tensile structures have been the sites known for their beauty.