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Auditoriums are massive structures. The amount of steel and concrete that go in constructing one of them is as humungous as their construction. And not to mention the cost. But all this trouble could be saved by choosing an auditorium tensile structure. They are much easier to construct and install. The cost incurred in the procurement of their raw materials, the process of fabrication and the job of installation is a fraction of what you might need to shell out in case of traditional ones involving concrete and steel. 


Auditorium tensile structure is also known for its durability, strength and stability. The choice of tensile membrane or fabric can impart different characteristics to these structures. For instance to impart exceptional resilience to weather elements, fiberglass coated Teflon could be used. Teflon also provides elasticity and sturdiness. Similarly cotton or nylon mesh could be used to fabricate internal ceilings. Nylon can also withstand high temperatures and possess excellent abrasive resistance. We engage in both standard designs as well as customizable ones.