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Let’s flashback to ancient romans! Do you remember any of their structures characterized by the open-roofed entrance hall or central court? If you do, lo and behold! You have an atrium. Perhaps inspired by them, atrium tensile structure is one of the most popular additions to the range of tensile structures. They are classy in their appearance but still maintain the strength and stability inherent to any tensile structures. 


The hallmark of any modern atrium tensile structure is its expanse, the ability to provide light and ventilation and creating a dynamic and stimulating interior by providing a visual link to the external environment. The requirements from fabrics used in the design of atrium tensile structure is immense. Since these structures can be very high, the fabric used must be able to maintain its stability while simultaneously providing them other characteristics like strength, durability and aesthetics. They are also much easier and cheaper to install and maintain as well compared to conventional modern atria.