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Ever been to a water park? Did you enjoy swimming in the cold waters under the warm sun? How about creating the same ambience in your sweet home? With swimming pool tensile structure, you can bathe endlessly in your pool without the burden of sunlight burning you. Custom made to suit your needs this sturdy structures find their use in both personal as well as public swimming pools. 


Ever since their invention, the use of swimming pool tensile structures has been rising continuously aided by its relative advantages vis-à-vis traditional covers. The tensile structures provide stability, strength, longevity and weather resistance to swimming pools. But above all, what it provides is ultimate aesthetics and design. The swimming pool tensile structure could be given different shapes depending on the position of supports and anchorages. They could take the shape of single dome synclastics or may look like series of ups and downs like anticlastic. We specialize in design of both these shapes as well as their combinations.