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Industrial Shades are defined as the tension in a membrane structure, especially with cable or wire. When tension is used in the overall structure it provides the membrane with the best structural support.

They have two main parts

1) A framework of metal usually of aluminum or steel

2) An envelope of fabric that is stretched over the membrane.

These Industrial shade structures have many benefits. They are durable, also they have a variety of designs in them.

They can be used as a covering too many places such as:-

  • - Warehouses
  • - Port Storages
  • - Hangers of Aircrafts
  • - Sports Facilities
  • - Film Studios
  • - Or any type of Commercial Facilities

Pooja Systems is one of the leading company that supply and manufacture the finest Industrial Shade structure in Nagpur India. We surpass such structures that are resistant to corrosion and also can withstand very harsh environments!

These Industrial shade structures look like a shed or a gazebo that provides coverage to a very large area.

The best Industrial Shade structure balances both; the function and the fashion of a spacious area. Our motto is to bring warmth to a glamorous spacious area and keep you safe from irresistible weather conditions.

When it comes to weather conditions, you look for a safe and covered area for your living. An area should be covered with the finest quality of Industrial Shades so that it gets all the privacy and security.

Requirements of Industrial Shade structures in various places:

  • - To protect the raw materials of any firm from sunlight.
  • - Many factories have equipment like pumps, compressors and turbines that can be protected by Industrial Shades.
  • - To cover large areas, with only a huge single sheet of the shade from severe environmental conditions.